When blonde eighteen year-old Cody finds a job cleaning pools for the summer, he’s totally over it after the very first week. Scrubbing plaster and fishing for leaves aren’t exactly the sort of thing the skinny Freshman-to-be had in mind for his last summer before college. Still, as time goes on, Cody comes to like the job enough; the lack of interaction with clients has proven to be a big plus for the geeky introvert. But one particular client is destined to turn his summer, and his world, upside down.

Derrick is a big-shot pop-star; once in a highly successful boyband, the twenty-two year-old now spends his time working on his upcoming solo album and lounging out by the pool, catching some summer rays. While working on his pool, Cody can’t help but notice the big-shot pop-star, but not just because of how popular he is. Cody finds himself sneaking glances as the drop-dead-gorgeous singer. Cody is sure he’s straight–just as straight as the day he started his new job. But as time goes on, and the closer he gets to Derrick, Cody starts to question everything he thought he knew about himself.

Turns out, the feeling is mutual. But if Cody isn’t careful, he may end up tempted to cross that unthinkable line. Cody knows that if he gets any closer to Derrick, he may just have to dive in head-first. And maybe a quick dip wouldn’t be such a bad thing. After all, things might just get dirty…

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