My high school nemesis is now a hot single dad billionaire next door. And somehow it’s my job to be his date to his ex-wife’s wedding…

I have two goals in life:

1. Earn my five-year anniversary bonus–worth $500k–from my eccentric boss by never failing in any task he gives me.

2. Never think about my past, and most especially not about Wyatt Westland, the high school sweetheart who betrayed me and broke my heart.

Everything’s going perfectly until Wyatt pops back in my life–by moving in next door with his adorable daughter and demon cat. He’s a billionaire tech genius now and friends with my boss’s family. To make matters worse, he’s bigger, sexier and makes me tingle in places I didn’t know could tingle.

When my boss asks me to find Wyatt a date to his ex-wife’s wedding, I want to refuse. But I’ll be damned if I’m losing out on $500k when I’m so close to earning it.

The problem? Wyatt keeps walking out on the women I set him up with. On purpose no doubt, because he knows what’s at stake for me.

So fine. I’ll be his date. How hard can it be to fake it for just one day, even if every moment reminds me of all the ways I fell for him the first time?

Faking It with the Frenemy is a second chance, lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers reunion romance with a billionaire single-dad hero who was the heroine’s first love, a cat that wants to be a queen, a dog that loves what the cat brings every morning, and a wild party with certain very inappropriately named treats from Japan. Love a book with lots of laughter and heart? Then grab Faking It with the Frenemy today!

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