Finch can spot a fake a mile away.
Raised in the Bayou with crime in his veins,
he managed to turn his talent into a career.
Making money.
Racking up a few enemies along the way.
On the run from one of those, he starts over
in a new town.
Where he meets her.
Full of lists and guards and attitude.
Someone beautiful enough to make even blackmail seem sexy.

Chris has lived through hell.
And she’s made it her mission
to take out all the devils still walking around.
The only problem?
She needs seed money for the project.
Which is where he comes in.
The best counterfeiter around.
Someone with a past that can be used against him.
She has everything planned out.
Except the impossible.
Something she never could have prepared for.
Something she is sure she never could experience.
Things that had been taken from her years ago.
But as much as she tries, there is no denying what is growing between them.

In a world full of fake, can they find something real?

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