A funny romance novella about the ultimate unplanned pregnancy from award-winning author & Rita finalist Jennifer Archer… Be My Little Baby features Tory Beecham & Dillon Todd from the novel Make A Little Wish!

When I wished that my husband, Dillon, could experience my life firsthand, I never imagined that the wish would be granted, or
that there’d be a wild twist: Not only is Dillon in my pregnant body, I’m in his male one.

To change back, we must come to a mutual understanding. But can we reach it before our baby’s due date? Or will Dillon’s
worst fear of going into labor come true? And can we rediscover the passionate love we once shared?

If you love hilarious & heartfelt paranormal women’s fiction like Michelle M. Pillow’s Second Magic and Wrong Side of Forty by Jana DeLeon, or humorous, heartbreaking stories about marriage such as Separation Anxiety by Laura Zigman, you’ll love Be My Little Baby & the other titles in Jennifer Archer’s Make A Little Magic Romantic Comedy series! Look also for Dream A Little Dream, Spark A Little Flame, and Make A Little Wish!

Author’s note: Be My Little Baby is a novella and is Book 3.5 of the Make A Little Magic Romantic Comedy series. Each book stands alone and can be read in any order.(Be My Little Baby is a revised and updated version of Blame It On The Baby by Jennifer Archer, originally published by Dorchester Publishing Company in the New Year’s Babies anthology.)

What Reviewers Are Saying:

“…in this clever and unique book, the author took the idea of (Freaky Friday) and created a hysterically funny yet insightful plot that makes the movie look tame and shallow. The dialogue alone was enough to send me into a fit of giggles…the happy ever after was completely satisfying and delightful. There is no doubt in my mind that this book is going to appeal to any reader who is a diehard romantic at heart. This is a story not to be missed, especially if a reader is having that kind of a day where a smile and a giggle are sorely needed.”-Long & Short Reviews

“(This novella) plays on my best revenge scenario. It’s hilarious…worth several re-readings.”-Hot Sauce Reviews

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